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Visiting Our Campus

Access to District Buildings

While the Knoch School District recognizes that all facilities “belong” to the community, safety concerns prohibit residents from having at-will access to buildings and grounds without proper permission.  Residents wishing to use or view buildings and grounds may do so during scheduled public events, designated program times and during other times the buildings and grounds are properly supervised and open for public use.

If residents wish to use or view buildings and grounds during the school day for a specific purpose, prior approval must be given by the building principal.  This procedure provides the safest environment for the school population.

Buildings in the Knoch School District are equipped with captured entrances.  A captured entrance is simply a secured area inside of the building that allows interaction with building staff but does not permit the visitor to access the rest of the building.  The captured entrances enable the district to screen and process all school visitors with added safety and efficiency.  Screenings will alert the District to such things as previous child abuse charges or protection from abuse (PFAs) orders.

Each entrance also has a camera that will enable school personnel to view visitors and an intercom that will allow visitors to communicate their purpose for entrance.  After an initial screening, visitors will gain access to the captured entrance area, which will allow them to drop off or pick up items.  If the visitor has business that needs to occur within the building, school personnel will scan the visitor’s PA driver’s license or state identification card, which will create a real-time visitor badge that includes the person’s picture.  Visitors will be asked to clearly show their badges while in school buildings and should return the badge when exiting.

Each building will provide step-by-step directions posted at the interface. 

Additionally, each entrance is equipped with a metal detector.  Visitors to the buildings who have cause to pass beyond the captured entrance will be asked to submit to screening of themselves and any materials coming into the building.  If a visitor has a medical concern about the metal detector, or if they are unable to successfully pass through without activating the alarm, School Police will be called to use a wand to complete the screening.  School Police suggest that leaving items that are not vital to your visit in your vehicle will make the screening process quicker and easier.

Please be aware that in order to increase campus security and minimize visitors to buildings during school hours, it is recommended that parents make appointments with school personnel (ex. principals, teachers) whenever possible. 

The administration thanks you for your cooperation.  The following frequently asked questions will hopefully help to prepare you for situations you may encounter as you visit our schools. 

How do I drop off items for a student in the building?

In each captured entrance is a “bank-teller window” that will allow you to drop off smaller items.  There will be a holding area for larger items that cannot be passed through the bank teller windows.  At each location will be cards for you to fill out that will identify the student for which the item is intended.  Once you have dropped off the item, it will be brought into the building and the student will be called to the office to retrieve it. 

What happens if I forget my driver’s license or ID? 

Visitors without proper identification will not be permitted access to the building; however, they will still gain entry to the captured entrance area and have access to speak to the office secretary.  Secretaries will not be permitted to allow visitors without proper identification entry to the building but will inform the building administration and/or school police should a visitor’s needs require business within the school.

What do I do if I cannot get a driver’s license or my license is suspended? 

If you cannot obtain a driver’s license or your license is suspended, you are able to get a state-issued photo identification card.  This is a viable alternative to the driver’s license.  Information can be found at the local DMV location or at:

 Please remember that all of these measures are to increase safety and security for our students and staff.  If at any time it is determined that a visitor is not complying with procedures as set out in this document, or if any perceived threat or irrational behavior is exhibited, the district reserves the right to deny access to the building and ask any visitor to leave the campus.  While it is our greatest desire to provide the best customer service possible to our stakeholders, the safety and security of students and staff is our paramount concern.  Thank you for your assistance and cooperation with these new procedures. 

All-Weather Track

The all-weather track is located on the Knoch High School campus and surrounds the athletic field.  The track is available for use after school during daylight hours on school days.  The public is not permitted to use the track during school hours.  Questions on public use of the track can be answered by contacting the Security office at (724) 352-1700, ext. 5700.

The following guidelines have been established for public use of the track:

  • running/walking shoes only - no spikes;
  • no glass containers;
  • use of all lanes except inside lanes 1 and 2;
  • no alcoholic beverages;
  • no wheeled/motorized vehicles - rollerblades, bicycles, strollers, etc.
  • and no animals/pets - dogs, cats, etc.
Attendance at School Events

The Board welcomes the public at activities and events sponsored by the school district, but the Board also acknowledges its duty to maintain order and preserve school facilities during such events.

The Board has the authority to prohibit at a school event the attendance of any individual whose conduct may constitute a disruption. The Board prohibits gambling and the possession and use of controlled substances, alcoholic beverages and weapons on school premises.

The Board prohibits the use of tobacco, nicotine, and nicotine delivery products, including vapes, by any persons in its school buildings and on any property, buses, vans, and vehicles that are owned, leased or controlled by the school district.

In compliance with Board policy.  Please refer to KSD Policy # 904