Board Members

The Knoch School Board of Directors establish policies, approve educational programs, plan, set goals and provide the necessary physical facilities for students. They make decisions that affect, influence and direct the education of our local youth. A “thank you” goes out to each school director for giving their time and talents to the Knoch community.

Knoch School Board of Directors
group photo of school board members
Mrs. Patti Larrimer, Mrs.Donna Eakin (President), Mrs. Jill McDonald (Treasurer), Mr. Anthony Infante (Vice President), Mr. David McRandal, Mr. Justin Kovach, Mr. Jesse Scheller, and Mr. Bill Gebhart.  Not pictured:  Ms. Becky Boyd.             
To contact an individual Board member, please utilize the following email addresses:
Ms. Becky Boyd:  [email protected] 
Mrs. Donna Eakin:  [email protected] 
Mr. Bill Gebhart:  [email protected] 
Mr. Anthony Infante:  [email protected] 
Mr. Justin Kovach:  [email protected] 
Mrs. Patti Larrimer:  [email protected] 
Mrs. Jill McDonald:  [email protected] 
Mr. Mr. David McRandal:  [email protected] 
Mr.  Jesse Scheller:  [email protected] 
To contact the entire board, please utilize the Google form or mailing address listed at  Thank you.