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Knoch High School 9-12 Curriculum

Knoch High School’s program of studies offer many formal programs that meet the needs of students with academic and vocational-technical interests.  Honors courses are offered in English and Biology.  Advanced placement courses are offered in American history, art history, biology, calculus AB and BC, chemistry, computer science, computer science principles, English language and composition, English literature and composition, European history, macroeconomics, physics, and statistics, along with numerous elective courses.  Students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities.

Knoch Middle School 6-8 Curriculum

Knoch Middle School focuses on assisting students in exploring what their careers may entail.  Students are presented with a variety of opportunities to explore fields like Computer Engineering, Music, Art, and higher level English, Math and Science Courses.  At the middle level our major goals are for students to develop their intellectual ability, increase their self-esteem, and cope with changes they are experiencing. We offer parent and student programs that provide education regarding these changes and support in the areas of academics and technology. In addition, the Middle School tackles topics like bullying head-on through curricular resources, guest speakers, and classroom presentations. Student clubs and activities, many sponsored through the PTSO, offer students the chance to have fun with their peers.

Knoch Intermediate Elementary School 4-5 Curriculum

Knoch Intermediate Elementary School educates the district’s 4-5 grade population.  In fourth grade, each homeroom teacher partners with another teacher specialist to provide a progressive program of reading, mathematics, writing, social studies, science and English.  Students in fifth grade follow a partial departmentalized class schedule in preparation for the middle school.  Classroom teachers are specialists in their subjects to provide students with rich opportunities in writing, social studies, math, science, English, and reading.  All students report to art, music, library and physical education and all receive computer instruction.  Learning support classes and gifted support classes are also offered for children who qualify for these programs. The Title I program assists in helping the K.I.E.S. to provide a personalized learning environment where instruction is differentiated for each student's specific learning style.

Knoch Primary School K-3 Curriculum

Knoch Primary School educates the District’s K-3 population.  Kindergarten students experience a full-day program that is a balance of academic and social-emotional learning.  In Grade One, a self-contained classroom setting is utilized with a progressive program of reading, mathematics, writing, social studies, science, and English. Grades Two and Three are partially departmentalized with a focus on educating the whole child. Our goal is to establish a balance of challenging rigor while still having fun.