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Safety and Security Committees exist on both district and building levels.  Both consistently review current safety practices and procedures in the District. The District committee has achieved state certification in accordance with safety committee guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.  This certification recognizes practices adopted by the committee to ensure a safe work environment and provides the benefit of a discount to the school district’s workers' compensation insurance.

Numerous measures have been implemented under the oversight of the Safety and Security Committee.  These measures include:

  • School police officers on campus every day from student arrival to student dismissal
  • Open and frequent communication with local law enforcement agencies
  • Visitor and employee identification and badging system
  • Building access restrictions to main entrances only with all main entrances equipped with locked, secured entrances requiring school staff to manually give access
  • State-of-the-art security and surveillance system throughout the campus
  • Administration and professional staff consistently reviews both district and site-based safety and security plans
  • Link on website for open communication concerning school safety and security concerns
  • Mass-messaging (phone/email/text) system for instant notification for emergencies or school service interruptions
  • School safety and security committee comprised of a cross section of all employees meets periodically to monitor and adjust safety and security protocols
  • Safety and security drills are run monthly such as severe weather, fire, and evacuation
  • Recent evaluation and modification of the school district safety and security manual
  • Revised policies including more stringent clearance guidelines for volunteers and school workers
  • Ongoing revision of school safety and security policies at all levels of professional staff 
  • Bullying/cyber-bullying policies and ongoing programs such as Olweus, Positive Behavioral Support, and SAP (Student Assistance Program) for early identification and support of school concerns
  • Beginning in February 2019, the KSD is utilizing the Safe2Say Something tipline.  For information on how to submit a tip, go to  You can also click the Safe2Say Something button at the top right of each District web page.  If this is an emergency, or if there is a crime in progress, call 911.  


Safety is everyone’s responsibility and with the assistance of the entire school community, a safe environment for students and staff in the District can be maintained.  Contact School Police Officer Pat Sarnese with any questions on the safety and security program at (724) 352-1700, ext. 5700 or email at [email protected]