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KSD Meal Charging Policies




In accordance with the USDA guidelines, no student will be denied a breakfast or a lunch for any reason.  It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to apply for benefits if needed. All debt accumulated before a student is approved for a free meal is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


The School District shall follow the guidelines below for unpaid account balances:


  1. Student Accounts
    • Students will be required to enter their account number for any transaction.
    • At no point will a student be allowed to charge an a la carte item if their lunch account is negative.
    • If a student with a negative balance offers cash for an a la carte item, the student CAN purchase said item.
  2. Parent Notifications
    • All accounts that exceed five dollars will receive a negative balance letter bi-weekly.
    • Once an account reaches $25, a parent or guardian will receive a phone call from an administrator or counselor.
    • If a parent/guardian continuously refuses to provide a lunch or pay the debt of the student, the District reserves the right to contact Child and Youth Services.
    • Parents may send an email or letter stating their student cannot purchase breakfast or lunch.