Superintendent » Superintendent's Goals 2021 - 2022

Superintendent's Goals 2021 - 2022

  1. Improved Academic Achievement 
    1. Collaborate with the teaching staff to implement the Curriculum Renewal Cycle and procedures to re-write mathematics curriculum and adopt a new math series.
    2. Utilize an updated Academic Achievement Report to evaluate strengths and challenges with curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development. 
    3. Properly address student achievement data to build upon individual student strengths to support students and staff with overcoming learning challenges.
  1. Continue to focus upon improved culture throughout the organization.
    1. Collect cultural data and formulate action plans collaboratively with leadership throughout the District. 
    2. Continue to use Meet and Discuss meetings to build strong working relationships with all stakeholder groups throughout the District.
    3. Utilize the Comprehensive Planning process to continually focus upon improved school district culture.
  1. Move the District forward with Capital Improvements
    1. Collaborate with Bond Council to gain a thorough understanding of project affordability.
    2. Lead the work with architects to support a project that takes into account the whole student with academics, arts and athletics.